Jonathan Improves Healthcare Workflows and Saves $100,000

Jonathan Improves Healthcare Workflows and Saves $100,000

InHouse Physicians provides healthcare services to employers who must collect a lot of patient data. As CEO, Jonathan focuses on building better systems that provide excellent patient experiences.

“It’s so much more than a tool to just store signed documents.”

InHouse Physicians provides large, international employers with a variety of healthcare services, from worksite clinics to on-site healthcare during large meetings and events. All their services require them to collect and process a lot of protected health information (PHI). As they expanded their services and offerings, they realized that typical electronic medical records were too cumbersome and complicated to fit the needs of their clients. So they began searching for easy-to-use, HIPAA friendly software that could securely collect patient data and provide exceptional patient experiences

They landed on the Formstack Platform due to its ease of use, security, and ability to transform many of their workflows. From rapid COVID-19 testing and healthcare screenings to patient surveys and data collection, the combination of Formstack’s Forms, Documents, and Sign products provided InHouse Physicians a single tool that could improve all the healthcare workflows they build for their clients. Additionally, Formstack has saved their operations team more than $100,000!

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Simplified workflows

Created seamless healthcare processes with digital forms, documents, and signatures

Saved money

Saved the operations team over $100,000

Enhanced the patient experience

Provided patients with an easier way to complete surveys and get test results

Video Transcript

So I think the idea that it streamlined our operational processes is huge for me because our operations team has been so challenged, and we only have so many resources. So we need to use them efficiently. And then it's actually saved us quite a bit of money. It's in the hundreds of thousands of dollars from a savings point of view.

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Dr. Jonathan Spero. I'm the CEO of InHouse Physicians. Our company provides employee health services to large organizations around the world.

What were the challenges before using Formstack?

Over the past year, a number of our larger clients globally have been asking us to support them with their COVID health security measures. In doing so, we typically would use our electronic medical records to support those ventures and services. What we found is that in that particular environment, the electronic medical records could be a little bit cumbersome. And so we were looking for a solution that could help solve this issue a little bit more seamlessly.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

Well, we started by just using it to provide a service to fill out all the documents that we had our patients sign. We needed that type of digital signature and have it done in a way that we could store it. I think the eureka moment was when we started to realize that we could use it for other applications. Wherein we could start to see it as a utility and benefit when we were doing health screenings, for instance. It started to benefit us in registering patients for testing. So all of a sudden, we had some excitement around the idea that it was more than just a place to store signed documents.

What outcomes has Formstack helped you achieve?

I think the main outcomes are that it's allowed us to efficiently deliver these health surveys every day and perform testing in a way that's not so cumbersome and streamline the process. So we could get our patients in and out quicker. We even used it to notify patients about their COVID test results, whether it was rapid or ones that we sent out. So it just created a turnkey solution for us around testing and health security.

What advice would you give someone looking to become "practically genius"

What I've learned as a CEO is that you can't become complacent because there's--you always have competition and whoever has the most efficient system and most user-friendly system for the consumer or the client is the one that's going to win. So you have to continue to look for new technologies, especially digital solutions right now, that will help you make your systems more efficient, so then you can charge lower prices. And then have a more appealing and satisfying user experience.

What challenges are you planning on tackling next? 

We're going to start supporting some very large gatherings again. People are starting to meet again, and they have a lot of health security concerns about meeting. They're calling us up asking us what health security measures can you put into place to help us ensure the health and safety of the attendees when they go back to meetings. A lot of these are employees, and our clients are multinational employers. So that's a big challenge for us, and we plan on using Formstack to help support us.

Would you recommend Formstack to a friend?

Absolutely. Yeah. And it's not just because of their capabilities as far as their technology, but it's also because their customer service and their attentiveness to their customers. That's really important to us to have timely responses.

InHouse Physicians is a global provider of innovative onsite healthcare solutions that assist corporations in reducing healthcare claims. Using a value-based approach, their "next generation"​ worksite clinics reduce healthcare costs while improving health outcomes that matter most to patients.
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